I offer an extensive range of professional writing services.

Some of the professional writing services I offer:
Product reviews
Feature articles
Press releases
Event coverage
Website content
Ghost writing

I am available to write about any given topic, but the areas in which I specialise include:

Mental health – Anorexia, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, hypochondria, rebuilding family relationships after illness, the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Personal development – Goal setting, effective time management, professional development for writers, exploring the arts to raise self-esteem and reduce stress, connecting with nature to self-heal, holistic therapies.

Therapeutic writing – Using creative writing as therapy, therapeutic journal keeping, reflective writing, poetry therapy.

– Eco poetry, nature writing, contemporary poetry, self-publishing, establishing a cultural/ literary magazine, polar writing, self-help literature.

Music – Reviewing extreme metal, experimental, neo-folk, dark ambient and native music, interviewing, news coverage.

Travel – Travelling, living and volunteering in Scandinavia, budget travel in Europe, starting and keeping a travel blog.

Polar Exploration – Historic and contemporary polar exploration.

The North – History, lives and culture of the Inuit, Scandinavian folklore, culture and landscapes.

Note: If you require assistance with a writing related task that I have not listed, send me an email at and I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.

Workshop facilitator services
I am an experienced workshop facilitator, and have led workshops in collaboration with the NHS and library services in the North East of England.

Some of the workshops I provide:
Introduction to creative writing
The power of poetry
Finding inspiration for your writing
Introduction to eco poetry
Effective blogging
Self-development as a writer
Introduction to travel writing
Starting and keeping a creative journal
Begin with therapeutic writing
Begin with therapeutic journal writing

Note: All of my workshops can be tailored for groups of varying ages and abilities. I can also provide one to one mentoring sessions.

If you are interested in any of the above workshops and would like more details, just let me know at


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