The North in her poems is much more than a geographic location. – Bob Beagrie

Katie Metcalfe is a professional writer, poet and blogger.

She has, since childhood, been devoted to the dark and the cold north. Katie was the strange girl in school who would read ghost stories under her desk during religion lessons, and listen for the howling of long dead wolves, while wandering the desolate North Yorkshire Moors.

Katie’s devotion to the dark sees her write and blog about macabre and unsettling subjects on a daily basis. in 2013 she founded the blog Wyrd Words & Effigies and in 2015 co-founded Vargamor, a site which supports, inspires and celebrates shadow dwelling women.

Her creative work is greatly influenced by Scandinavian culture, history and landscapes. Winter and the Arctic are also predominant themes in Katie’s work, and form the basis for much of her poetry.

Katie has performed her poetry at events across the UK, in Norway and Canada and has been published in many anthologies and magazines including Break-Out, The Wilds and Ink On Paper.

Currently, Katie is working on a book about contemporary dark northern culture entitled Hyperborean Shadows. She is also preparing her first solo poetry show – In The Northern Darkness : A Spoken Word Journey, which is due for completion in March 2016.

Her most recent poetry collection has been published by Nordland Publishing and is entitled Dying Is Forbidden In Longyearbyen.

You can download Katie Metcalfe’s CV


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