The Good From 2016

2016 was a turbulent year to say the least, but a lot of beautiful, good things came from it and today I want to share some of my creative highlights.

Launching My Blog The Girl With Cold Hands


Having New Logos Created By Níðhöggr Studio


Collaborating With Photographer Daria Endresen

Collaborating With Rimfrost & Their Documentary : Beyond A Frozen World Unknown

Publishing My 6th Poetry Collection ‘In The Hours Of Darkness’


Having My Poetry Collection ‘Dying Is Forbidden In Longyearbyen’ Make It Into The Norwegian National Library


Photographing Rimfrost Several Times, Including Their Gig In Trollhättan


Being interviewed By One Of My Favourite Blogs – These Unquiet Things


Being Interviewed By Vargamor A Blog I Co-Founded In 2015


Photographing Swedish Black Metal Band Trident


Getting Back Into Reviewing After A Long Break


Improving My Photography  & Establishing A Photography Website


Co-Establishing The Divine Weirdos – An Art Collective Based In Sweden


Establishing A New Writing Website 


Writing For CVLT Nation, Dirge Magazine and  Routes North Among Others…

Considering that my health fucked up a considerable amount of months I’m content with what I achieved. (Maybe if I say it enough times, I’ll really believe it…)

I’ve already grabbed these first few days of 2017 and have given them everything I’ve got. I feel alive and re-born creatively.

There were moments in 2016 when I thought I’d lost myself forever. I thought the words would never come back, I thought I would never again feel joy doing the things I love most.

But I retaliated against my mental health and  made a promise to myself that I will continue, always, to give everything I have to my days. I hope your 2017 is everything you hope for…and then some.






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