Gift Guide For The Strange & Unusual

How has it been this year, the gift gathering? Are you still frantically scrolling for something that your strange and unusual loved one will want to keep forever…and then some? If you are (and if your loved one doesn’t mind that it might arrive after the day when gifts are traditionally exchanged…it’s the 24th here in Sweden) then I would like to suggest you look into these offerings for the darkly inclined.




In The Hours Of Darkness : Digital Copy

In The Hours Of Darkness is a collection of forty two poems, each of which has its own heartbeat and message to whisper. Death, magick, love and lunacy are just a few of the themes that you can expect to find carved open and carefully explored.

I’ll get started with this one, because you don’t have to wait even five minutes for it to arrive. This instant digital download of my latest poetry collection In The Hours of Darkness is now available from Etsy at a new, lower price! You can do what you wish with the PDF. Read it at your leisure on any of your devices, or print it off as many times as you like and pass it on.

In The Hours Of Darkness : Printed Copy

If you’re anything like me and you hanker after print you might want to go for the print version. Also available at a new lower price (£2.75!) you’ll also get FREE delivery if you live in UK.


The Long Stillness : Digital Copy

A young woman pulls on her wolf skin so she can bring down an elk. The sudden collapse of a Grandfather brings an estranged family together in a small hospital room. A starving Inuit mother is forced to abandon her newborn after missing the caribou migration. Death, mental health and arctic longing are just a few of the subjects explored in this collection of poems.

My 2013 poetry collection The Long Stillness is available from Etsy for the first time as a digital download. If you’re feeling especially festive, you could download the collection then email it onto your strange and unusual loved one. It’ll make a lovely change from the usual ‘Dear Sir, I am a barrister…’ mails.

The Long Stillness : Printed Copy

Again, if you’re a print lover, you can also buy The Long Stillness as a printed book directly from me. It’s perfectly bound and contains just under sixty pages of poetry.


Dying Is Forbidden In Longyearbyen : Printed Copy

Dying is Forbidden in Longyearbyen is a gritty collection of poems that touch on the hardships and beauty of the far North. From the ice tundras of the Arctic to the desolate island of the Svalbard archipelago, Katie Metcalfe’s poetry will transport you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Dying is Forbidden in Longyearbyen is the first of the Songs of the North Series from Nordland Publishing.



This year I’ve been continually challenging myself with my photography. It’s taken on a new, more valuable role in my life in 2016 and it’s rare that I’ll go a day without taking my camera out. As my skills have developed, I’ve become more confident with selling my work, and now offer hundreds of my images in the form of all sorts of products. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the works I’ve released over the past year.


After The Cold Of The Silver Night Chiffon Top


Winter Dark Graphic Tee

tp,875x875,ffffff,f.6.jpgHer First Day To Breath Throw Pillow


Preparing For Flight Tote Bag


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