New Poem : Do Not Follow Me

Do Not Follow Me

Do not follow me

through the leafless trees

where beasts that ought to be hidden

stand tall, eyes strange and blue and hungry.


Wait here until the spring, when I will need you to kiss

my swollen, purple lips and comb the ice

from my hair.


For you, this is the season of sleep,

so crawl under ground and close your eyes.


Do it now, because winter remember my name

and I must go.


But you will hear me in your dreams,

echoing the owls, talking to the moon.


Do not worry if I will make it or not this time,

because death has always been reluctant

to take me.


He encourages my wound to fester,

then watches it heal under the glow of the storms

as they rage around my head.


Do not follow me, love, and do not fret,

for winter is my healing time, my chance

to gather back strength so I may

grow in your arms, grow with your love.


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