New Poem : I Want To Teach You Of Honesty

I Want To Teach You Of Honesty

I bind you to my back with a heavy linen shawl.

You face away from me because I want you to know

the beauty of a landscape man has been unable

to tame, to restrict, to shape to fit his own needs.


I want you to know how your breath looks

when it meets with the cold air.


I take you to the deer stalker’s hideout, where I know

a wolf pack gathers at this time of year.


And here we wait. The temperature drops.

I feed you from my breast. We listen to the snow

make the tree boughs bend and buckle.


I whisper to be with nature is the most

honest encounter you will ever have.


I have bought you here to show you truth.

I have bought you here so you can stare

into the eyes of a wild animal and know

what truthfulness looks like.


Your eyes are open so wide I see white

I didn’t know was there.


The wolves gather as night falls quickly.

They have eaten. Their bellies stretched and low,

their muzzles black with blood.


In the distance, gun shots ring out.

I bundle you up tighter, cover your ears,

ashamed of my kind.


You look at me with an animal innocence

that I know will be gone too soon.


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4 thoughts on “New Poem : I Want To Teach You Of Honesty

  1. Hi Katie…. I have tried to send a message re your previous post …but it seems to have disappeared…the post that is… I only say this because the fact you have posted another poem is relevant to what I tried to say… I am just wondering if it is a problem at my end or have you deleted it yourself… If so, accept my apologies, you have obviously reviewed things…


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