This Is Your Calling : An Open Letter To My Boyfriend

Your vanilla coloured Flying V came out from its luxuriously lined case this morning and you sat with it, on the stool that’s flaking red paint, and plugged it into your amp. I was putting makeup on in the bathroom, and pushed the door until it was wide open and I could hear you play. I always get excited when I get to hear you practice.

Barely a moment had passed until you pulled out a riff I hadn’t heard before. I rested my head to one side, half of my face made up with foundation, and listened. I shouted to you, asking how long it had taken you to create it. When you said ‘I’ve done it just now’ I forgot what it was to form words.

For metalheads, as you’ll know only too well, riffs come, riffs go, some stick, some trail off and you never think of them again. Some riffs change lives. The riff you were making up on the spot was something monumental. Something arena worthy. Something that will not only stick, but sink deep into the psyche of anyone who hears it.

In my mind, as I stood there in the bathroom, I was already envisaging hundreds of fits smashing the air, hundreds of heads banging forwards and back, millions of strands of hair dancing wildly in the wind made by the surging crowd. You only had a short time to play before you had to drop me off at the library and race to work…work which doesn’t involve you with your fingers on the strings of your guitar, or your mouth close to the grid of your mic.

I visualize my own creative success all the time. I visualize signing books in a book shop in Stockholm. I visualize seeing my words translated into Swedish. I visualize winning awards for my blogging work. I also visualize what I hope for you…that one day you can sit with your guitar, and stay with it until the sun sets if you want to. That one day you will play enormous arenas, and have excited fans scream out the lyrics from your songs. That one day your music will put the bread and the milk and the cheese on the table.

Keep your guitar as close as your skin, love. Keep snatching those moments of time when you’re not required to be anywhere or give anything attention but that beautiful Flying V. The magic of your efforts will pay off…it’s just a matter of time.



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