I Smell Like A Cave

I’ve just completed a workout. I’m sweaty, I stink, my hair is plastered to my forehead and I feel fucking powerful. I pushed though walls I didn’t think I could, and made noises I didn’t know I could make. I’ve also just written a poem about learning to squat properly…something I’ve been doing wrong for years and which my man has taught me how to do correctly. (I’ve been doing it correctly for a few weeks now and the difference I’ve noticed is fucking magnificent.)

Moving Correctly

I have learned to look upwards,
to keep my back straight
my chest out.

I have learned that salty tasting skin,
to smell like the back of a cave
means I am moving correctly.

I have learned that the noise
my tissue and sinew makes
as I am in motion
and make every effort

is the sound of my body singing
and to my ears it is beautiful.


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