Bloggers, I Need Your Advice!

Okay, so I was just going about my usual updating, when a little notice popped up on my draft page telling me that I had used up 68% of the free 3G that I have on this blog. This came as a real shock, and so I hopped over to Google and started investigating into what I’d have to do when I’ve used up all of my free space.

The information I found did not look good – it looks like I’ll have to sign up to an expensive plan – and for the first time since 2009 when I first started to use WordPress, I started to see flaws in the platform that I’ve always loved, praised and recommended.

This got me also thinking about my blog The Girl With Cold Hands. I’m slowly working at making this a hub of activity in Sweden. It’s my goal to start affiliate advertising – promoting Swedish products that I’ve used and love – but apparently, as I’ve now learned, this is something which WordPress forbids on a free hosted site. I then had a look at what Blogger allows, and apparently affiliate advertising is no such problem with a free site.

I don’t know exactly what I need to do on WordPress to enable me to work with affiliate advertising, so I would greatly appreciate advice from anyone who has experience with this shady area of the WordPress blogosphere. I also would like to ask if Blogger is a better choice in the long run, or if it is worth paying for a plan with WordPress.


2 thoughts on “Bloggers, I Need Your Advice!

  1. Once you’ve built up a following on one platform, it’s best to stay. I made the mistake of moving my blog after a year or two and it took another year to build back up again.

    The image/video hosting space isn’t a huge problem, there are workarounds for that (I used to host images remotely, either on Photobucket or Google Drive), but I can’t help you with the affiliate advertising part. Sorry.

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