New Poem : The Big Things, The Small Things

I was supposed to be writing a poem about a witch tonight, but I found myself writing about my true north again, and how he has changed my life. I hope you enjoy it!

The Big Things, The Small Things

I appreciate the small things in this life,
a life healed by your heart.

Splitting the skin of a bulb
of garlic, that sound, like the crackle
of a new fire in the hearth.

The burning skyline at dusk,
over the forest to the north.

A ripe, skinned apple, milky pale
and firm in my palm.

Around you, I am nothing
but my truest self.

I don’t need nearly as much
salt and sugar to get through the day,

and the hundreds of knots I had gathered
tight across my spine and shoulders
have been undone and melted away.

I have been left feeling
as light as light itself.

With you I am no blind comet,
hurtling through the days,
but an all seeing moon,

so confident am I in this love.

When I am unsure about myself,
you gently pull me back to the truth,
and stroke the skin I worried was
not smooth enough for your touch.



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