The Lack Of…

Long-term readers might have noticed that there hasn’t been as much activity on here as usual…like new poems and such, that’s because I’m busy working behind the scenes on projects, including my solo poetry show In The Northern Darkness.

I’ll be honest. There’s been some real struggles with aspects of the show, and I’ve found myself thinking to myself ‘Katie, what the actual fuck? Why aren’t you further along with this than you are? You shouldn’t be having any difficulties! You’ve been performing since you were 17! Get your act together now!’

The thing I’ve been struggling with recently has been the introductions to the poems. They can’t be too long…because that, I think, can ruin the listeners experience of the poem. By the time the poet gets to the first line of the poem, the listener is so bogged up in what was said during the introduction that they can’t concentrate. Or they just switch off and you lose them completely.

The introduction needs to be just long enough to give the listener a intriguing insight into what they can expect. Getting the right balance can be difficult (as you’ve heard!) but if you’re going to be introducing your poem…it’s absolutely crucial.

I’m not used to sitting and staring at a page for a long time. I’m used to having something down within five minutes. (Nearly always something shit, but its something.) It was a new and terrifying experience to be actually struggling for days rather than minutes on a few lines of text.

But hell, what can I expect? This is the first time I’ve ever put together a solo show. Stuff like this is bound to happen.

There have been days where I’ve done little else but put two words down, then delete them. But today I fucking cracked each introduction, and am sat here feeling enormously satisfied and proud of myself for conquering the difficulties and overpowering my doubts.



8 thoughts on “The Lack Of…

      • Will it be at MIMA??….. Or that body-piercing shop on Linthorpe Rd??…. What about the Snooty Fox in Wakefield??…My hometown… You’d love it there!!… All that darkness and metal band T-shirts pinned to the ceiling… Hobgoblin on draught, Trooper on bottle…. or will it be low key with a couple of tables cleared in the corner of Billingham Library??.. Come on Katie, more clues please…


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