To Cut Or Not To Cut

Hair. That’s what I’m talking about in this post.

I’ve had very long hair for the majority of my life, and in a few months time it’ll be at that point where I can sit on it. Again.

The last major cut I had was in 2011 (to my shoulders which was a BIG mistake. I wanted to go blonde for some bizarre reason, and the only way I could make it happen was to cut my hair…I went back to black within a month.) Since then, I’ve pretty much not touched it, except for two or three random trims.

It’s only been in the past six months that I’ve actually really wanted to do stuff with my hair, stuff other than plaiting it or wearing it down. After 29 years it’s come to my attention that I really like having my hair up in different styles, from Edwardian type styles to the simple ‘messy bun’ style. I think having my hair up really ‘works’ for my face and it makes me feel confident and sometimes even sexy.





I want to be able to easily do hairstyles such as this one…

…and this one…

…and this one…

But putting hair up that’s as long as mine is now is a challenge…and more often than not it’s an annoying balancing act.

So, I’ve been considering getting a cut. Not a major cut like back in 2011 when I had it cut to my shoulders. Just to the middle of my back or something…but I’ve been considering this for weeks now (probably longer) and keep on saying to myself, ‘no, nevermind, I’ll keep it long instead. I love it really long. Really long is best. And if I practice more, then I can learn to make my hair stay up…’

For some of you, getting a hair cut might be the norm. For me, it’s really not. You see, my hair has always been my best physical feature, it’s something I’m extremely proud of and it’s very much part of my identity, so this isn’t a decision that I can make lightly.  I suppose that’s why I’ve turned to you, my online family, to ask for your advice in this matter. What do you think I should do?


3 thoughts on “To Cut Or Not To Cut

  1. Haircuts…nnnghh I’m the same with keeping it long. I did a mistake of getting it cut to my ears once, never again! For you, have you considered getting flat layers? What I mean by flat layers is instead of the hair stylist cutting the layers at and angle to make it blend, they cut the section straight across. Its something different. As for the length, I’m planning on letting mine reach my hips and then keeping it there. That way I don’t have to worry about sitting on it. Its something to consider I think.

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