Before The Storm

The storm that has been brewing since I woke up this morning is finally here. The wind is raging and the roads are empty…mostly. I truly love this weather. Everyone ought to batten down the hatches, curl up indoors and respectfully bear witness to what mother nature is capable of.

I was out early this morning, armed with my camera, tripod and props. As I made my way to the woods I could taste the rain that was on its way. When I’m out shooting photos I always hope there’s nobody around…that I’ll have the woodland to myself, but today, a few moments after I’d hopped over the fence, an old man followed me.

He passed by and we said good morning to one another. He walked on for a few steps, turned around and came back. He took a little digital camera out of his water proof jacket and said ‘sometimes you can see the deer, you know…I saw them the other day. Caught them with this,’ and he lifted his camera up. He pointed towards another footpath and said ‘that’s the trail they take, that one there.’ We chatted for a few more minutes about the deer – I told him I had seen two three years ago when we had that ‘bad winter’ – and then he wandered off down a rarely used trail and disappeared between the trees.

Following this encounter, I noticed that I was smiling. Our brief conversation had felt like magic. At the moment there’s no real interaction with people other than family members, and I never knew how much I would appreciate the fact that this little old man made the effort to turn around, and tell me of the hoofed ones that still quietly wander the woods.

The photographs here are some of what I captured before the storm.








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