There Will Be Calm

I was feeling under pressure today…starting on one thing and already thinking about the next thing that I had to do… (don’t you bloody hate it when that happens?) That wonderful, cherished sense of flow that all writers desire was nowhere to be found, and I honestly felt as though my head was going to implode.

Not only was I thinking about the next thing that I had to do, I was also doubting the validity of the work I was actually doing…wondering if it was worth it, then, if anything was worth it. Yeah, you guessed it, old depression came knocking and wanted in on the action.

But, before things could get worse, I decided to break early; get some tea and read some articles about what to do with a busy mind. That was when I found this EXCELLENT article from the blog Becoming Minimalist, offering advice on how to ‘become unbusy.’

A piece of advice that the article offered was to set aside one day for rest (and guard it at all costs) and this, my friends, is what I am going to do. Every Saturday, from now, on is going to be a rest day where I do whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want. I have now made the conscious decision to be OK with not being busy 24/7 365 days of the years. For someone who has, for more than half of their life believed that every moment has to be packed with work related activities, and who struggles to take an hour off, let alone a whole day, this is a pretty big thing! I’m not going to lie, I do feel some slight trepidation about taking a day off, but there’s also a lot of excitement building up in this heart of mine. I’ll be sure to let you know how my Saturday’s of the foreseeable future go.

mind_635815718720078758_Afterlight_EditAnother decision that I made today was to bring Creative Visualization back into my life. The last time I used the power of my imagination to help me heal, move on and prosper was in 2009 and it worked to great effect. (At the time I wanted to complete a collection of poems that I was working on…for the record, I got it finished.) Why I haven’t used it since then is beyond me…but I intend to start prompting positive changes in my life starting from NOW. The book I will be re-reading (and the book which introduced me to Creative Visualization) is Creative Visualization : Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life by Shakti Gawain. It’s a very easy to read book, but this does not, in any way, making it a less powerful tool to use to help change your situation and it’s a read I highly recommend.

The change I’m going to be focusing on is something that’s always on my mind, and that is obtaining a job in Scandinavia. The exercise that I’ll undertake involves visualizing, on a regular basis, that I’m in a situation where I’m being offered a job role. For those of you who may be thinking ‘what a waste of time!’ Well, I have a little story for you. In my teens I wrote a book about my experiences with anorexia. I sent the manuscript off to publishers across the country, but all I got back were rejection letters. Then, off the cuff, I decided to start visualizing that I would receive a phone call from a publisher, telling me that they had accepted my book for publication. And, I kid you not, a few weeks after I started visualizing on a regular basis, I received that phone call.

candle_635815718133473019_Afterlight_EditAs a last note…does anyone find that having a lit candle on your desk helps with focus and productivity? I know that for me, lighting a candle calms me down and enables me to think clearer. When I’m done with work and then move the candle to my bedside table, it works as a good relaxer as I wind down with a book.


One thought on “There Will Be Calm

  1. Yes, guard your day vigilantly. You should have a day where you can indulge yourself, do whatever makes you feel good or relaxed. Maybe do nothing at all. I imagine my ideal day would involve much tea and a good book, preferably with great views. This time of the year seems to insist upon this!


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