Silent…But Not For Long

It’s been a bit too quiet around here recently…but I have my reasons. This week has past like a hurricane and I’m exhausted but proud and (mostly) satisfied with what I’ve achieved. Some days I’ve felt as though I don’t exist, in many more ways than one, and I’ve questioned why I’m here at all. My low mood has been like an iron cloak; difficult to shrug off and almost impossible to move with.

Making time for nature, shifting my routine around and running with practically every idea that’s formed in my head is what’s helped me through the past several days.

I’ve made quite a few new videos over on my YouTube Channel, and I hope that, if you have some spare time over the weekend, you managed to watch one or two. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you lovely lot have to give.

And here are some images that I managed to capture this morning. Spiderwebs are at their most beautiful at this time of year.

e1_635794162343394049_Afterlight_Edit e2_635794163318047039_Afterlight_Edit e3_635794164385328254_Afterlight_Edit IMG_0230


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