Before The Fog Lifted

This morning I woke up to a world shrouded with fog and felt as though mother nature had blessed me. Nothing (other than snowy mornings) makes me happier than looking out of the window and not being able to see the sun for cloud water. I wolfed down some breakfast and hurtled outdoors with my camera to enjoy the mystical atmosphere while it lasted.

Fog is such a precious phenomenon and can move away and disappear in mere moments. As I moved through the fields and trees, I found myself stopping every few seconds to appreciate the beautifully complex spiders webs, bedecked with dew drops that shivered in the ever so slight breeze. I was utterly alone as I wandered the quiet countryside and felt rejuvenated, creatively, mentally and emotionally.

IMG_0095 new new2_635790651428064517_Afterlight_Edit new3_635790652408080037_Afterlight_Edit Web2_635790616345288333_Afterlight_Edit


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