Heading Up

So, the past several hours have been spent experimenting with different banners for my YouTube Channel (which, by the way is going to be launched on Sunday!) and it’s been a bit of a brain fuck. I am astoundingly fussy when it comes to the graphics on my social media sites. You don’t want to know how long it took me to sort out the header for this blog…

I looked through 30+ YouTube Channels and inspected their banners. Some of the things that were going through my mind included: Should I use just text or text and a picture? How about text, a picture and email address? Maybe I should use just images of myself…or one image of myself…or images of forests, or mountains…or maybe…

Banners are important on YouTube. They’re one of the first things that the viewer sees when they come to your channel…but perhaps I’m putting too much thought into it. I do like the idea of just having text, but will a photograph lead more viewers in? Below are some of my banner experiments. I’d love to know what you think!

BeFunky DesignBeFunky Design3BeFunky Design


4 thoughts on “Heading Up

  1. I love all of them, but these are my reasons for the third:
    – The first one doesn’t have enough to grab the attention, especially on such a visually-centered platform like Youtube
    – The second one is awesome, but might scare away those who aren’t into Black Metal. What have you have to say could be important for a broad spectrum of people and you don’t want to exclude people early on. They can choose not to view videos about Black Metal, but the header will be a ‘center-point’ they can’t escape from if they don’t like it
    – The third one shows your well known font for Katie Metcalfe, and also shows you as a person. This is the one I think will draw more people in, and is ‘available’ to more people

    I’m excited for the launch!

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  2. I think most headers definitely work better when they combine text & photographs 🙂

    In my opinion, the second one in these options is definitely the most visually striking and professional-looking 😀 Even if you choose not to use that exact same photo as you’ve used in this example, I really like the idea of text being framed by a symmetrically flipped picture on either side. Looks really well finished 🙂

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  3. The second one’s the most fun and the reflected images do work very well for it. The third one is a little bit more melancholy-and-mysterious. Either one would work, but it might be worth thinking about the tone you want to set for the channel and going for a header that doesn’t set people up for something they might not always see.

    I’ve gone through a few but recently went back to the stolen Sisters art because – well, it’s stark, simple, no frills, wears its influences openly, and a bit old-fashioned (blatantly scanned from a magazine, blatantly analogue). That’s more or less the tone I go for on the gaming blog. Whether it actually works to signify the tone is another matter, but it doesn’t work against it…


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