I Hate Days Like These

Today has been an awful bunch of hours, full of half thoughts, procrastination and regrets. I’m not knowing if I’m coming or going and it’s just fucking exhausting. Everytime I’ve been asked if I’m okay, I’ve lied and said ‘I’m fine.’

I haven’t been happy with my writing today, nor have I been happy with my photography.

My stomach has been playing up again, acting like it’s filled with wet cement, making it really difficult to eat much of anything.

I just want to get in bed with a book, but I feel so guilty about having wasted precious hours earlier on, that I feel the need to push onwards with my ‘to do’ list and tick everything off. I miss having someone to give me a kiss and a cuddle. I’d really like that right now, under blankets, behind closed curtains.

I need to write a ‘to do’ list for this week, and all I can think of is ‘breathe and take your meds.’


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