The Village Where Time Stood Still

Photos taken in Sweden.

HS3_635741065463865411_Afterlight_Edit SH1_635741064110331372_Afterlight_Edit SH3_635741064933047453_Afterlight_Edit


4 thoughts on “The Village Where Time Stood Still

  1. Hi Katie, just finished reading your new poetry collection. I’m not very good on reviews, so just left a short one on Amazon, but wanted to tell you that I loved it. The book itself looks great, and I read the book cover to cover (which I don’t think you should do with poetry) this morning, and will return to spend time on each poem individually. But it is a great collection giving a good sense of place-and yes, I have earmarked it as a book to read this winter when, hopefully, we get some snow! I read the poems you share on your blog, but I think you can only appreciate and get a sense of a body of work (and the author) in an old-fashioned, physical book.

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