Listening To The Mountains

Life upsets me sometimes.

Today I feel as if my emotions have been twisted and bound into enormous knots
that sit in my belly and chest, heavy and damp and root like.

I feel miserable and naked and burnt out.

I wonder if the questions I have asked the world are hovering in the ether,
dimming like fireflies at dawn.

I wonder why nobody wants to speak my name, or look me in the eye, or take my hand and give me a chance.

I wonder why nobody wants to walk with me over the hill and beyond.

I want to stop sitting and waiting and opening and shutting an empty box over and over and over.

Sometimes I feel like a melting glacier.
Like sharing my feelings is giving up all of the corpses I have held onto for so long.

Other times, I feel like a wolf – shy, bewildered, who just wants to slink
soundlessly between the trees and disappear.

Now, right now, I feel like listening only to the mountains

and breathing.


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