My Friend Says The Things I Can’t

I’ve put my heart, a good, fat portion of my soul and a great deal of time into job applications for work in the Nordic lands these past however many months. Yet, my email inbox has remained depressingly empty of anything remotely like an offer for an interview. I’ve got into that awful routine of checking my emails at least forty, fifty times a day, in the hope that something might ping in and offer me an opportunity. It’s really quite sad when you are wanting to weekend to hurry up and be over with, so you can look for recent vacancies, and begin that horrible waiting game all over again. I mean who lives like that? It’s crazy! Anyway, I find it quite hard to put into words how this is making me feel inside, so I nipped over to my friend Ruby Etc’s Tumblr and borrowed some of her images to sum it up for me.

tumblr_n13zvbj1i31qglhc3o1_500   tumblr_no6qd62JAA1qglhc3o1_500




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