Interview : Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Organiser Of BlekkMetal

An interview I did recently with the amazing Jannicke Wise-Hansen


When I first heard about tattoo/black metal festival BlekkMetal a few weeks ago, my excitement levels went off the richter scale. It didn’t take me long to get in touch with organiser and celebrated artist Jannicke Wiese-Hansen to ask for an insight into what will, undoubtedly be, one of the most significant dark cultural events to take place on Norwegian soil in 2015.

originalWhat inspired the initial idea to put on a festival celebrating tattooing and the roots of Norwegian black metal? Was it a plan that had been in your head for a while, and was just waiting for the right time to be carried out, or was it more of a sudden decision?

The initial idea was to make a different tattoo convention in Bergen, so we actually started off in the other end of what it has become…. My boss at Let’s Buzz suggested to make the…

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