Perfect Solitude

My mood these past few weeks has been unpredictable and exhausting. Nature is what normally lifts me up, so yesterday I went for a lengthy hike from Captain Cook’s Monument to the top of Roseberry Topping, one of the most distinctive features of the North Yorkshire countryside, and a peak which was once sacred to the Vikings.

For much of the day, I took lesser used pathways to avoid human interaction where I could, enabling me to take my walk at my own pace and make that essential re-connection with nature. My plan worked, and I was rarely disturbed by other hikers. I watched rabbits race across carpets of pine needles and disappear into dark burrows. I studied a toad as it sat in a sun spot. I caught sight of pheasants scooting their way across gently sloping fields. When I found myself low on water, I discovered a moorland spring, and crouched down to fill my bottle with refreshment of the purest kind. I relished the burn in my calves as I made my way up the side of Roseberry Topping, and savoured the taste of accomplishment when I sat down to rest at the top. The day was just what my soul required, and I went home feeling revitalized and ready to give life my best shot.

IMG_8555 IMG_8557 IMG_8662 IMG_8673 IMG_8769 IMG_8771 IMG_8810 IMG_8844 IMG_8849 IMG_8851 IMG_8869 IMG_8828-2 IMG_8506 IMG_8532 IMG_8562-2


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