DIY Taake Tote Bag

So, for some inexplicable reason at about quarter to eleven last night I had a sudden desire to learn how to make a band top into a tote bag. Approximately 30 seconds later, I had found this site which explained how I could make a bag with only a pair of scissors and a t-shirt. However, it soon became clear that if I wanted to see the last step I would ‘have to go pro,’ which I wasn’t prepared to do at that time.  The last step was sorting out the handles, so have just left them as they ended up.

Anyway, It took a wee while for me to decide which band top to go for. Primarily because I wanted to start with a full t-shirt (as instructed on the site) and most of mine have had parts such as sleeves and necks harvested. In the end it was…

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