Second Time At The Grind

Last night I performed some new material at The Grind Cafe in Cornwall, Canada and had an absolute blast. Music dominated the stage for the majority of the night, but the variety was astonishing and greatly inspiring.



From a school boy soon-to-be-guitar-superstar, to Led Zeppelin inspired rock with some psychedelic twists. From old country songs to Paul Simon covers, performer after performer stood up with something different to gift to the audience.



You can’t go to an open mic and not indulge in a hot drink, especially when it’s -15 outside! The menu at the Grind is vast, but it didn’t take me long to zoom in on the Sugar and Spice Steamer. I thought this was going to be steamed milk with sugar and spice flavouring…but no. It was so much more than that. What I was presented with was a chai based drink combined with white chocolate and caramel. It was utterly divine and a hell of a lot cheaper than anything you can pick up at Starbucks. I did make one mistake when ordering though, and that was not asking for it to be made extra hot. It was warm when it arrived, but I like my drinks piping hot to the touch.


The Grind Open Mic is an event where it’s impossible to feel like a stranger and equally impossible not to feel creatively energized. I’m itching to get back and take to the mic again.


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