Exclusive: Premiering a New Revisited Version of “Warrior” by Anilah and Wardruna

What I am listening to today.

Heathen Harvest


By the Gods has the Heathen Harvest Periodical been granted here today the privilege of presenting the pre-release exclusive premiere for the stellar re-visioning of Anilah‘s “Warrior,” which features a collaboration with Einar Kvitrafn Selvik of the ever prolific Wardruna. “Warrior (Revisited)” takes us on a profound journey towards inner healing and peace, allowing for visions of uplifting power that are deeply rooted in the natural world and are meant to stir the heart in such a way as to awaken its true strength. Anilah is a solo project by composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Dréa Drury of the Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada, and her connection to this land as well as several ancestral, shamanic, and esoteric traditions is made blatantly obvious throughout this stunning eleven-plus minute epic.

Anilah Anilah

With a new take on the original composition and additions made by the exceptionally mystifying presence of Selvik, we are invited to take part in a musical…

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