365 Reasons Why Life Is Better Without Anorexia: 11/Festive Food

Christmas used to be the most dangerous day of the year for me. How things have changed! Today I got up for seconds, and it wasn’t just veggies that I put on my plate. I grabbed something of everything including pigs in blankets and gravy, two things that I would have cringed away from back in the day. My family would await Christmas with trepidation, wondering what I was going to be like that year. Most of the time, I avoided as much Christmas food as I could. ‘Going wild’ for me was eating half a mince pie. And after that I’d be wanting to reach down my throat and pull it back up again.

It’s so god damn refreshing to be able to sit down with my family and just eat and talk and be, well, merry. Today family didn’t need to walk on eggshells and my parents didn’t need to try and quietly encourage me to eat more. It has been the calmest, most loveliest festive day and meal that I’ve shared with my family since I started on my journey to recovery.


So much meat!


Nothing can beat a pig in a blanket


I ate my bodyweight in stuffing. SO good!


I like the cream and custard part best…



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