Tis The Season To … Get A New Diary

So, I had a little bit of a freak out the other day. I was all psyched up and ready to purchase my Mslexia 2015 Diary when I stumbled on the price. It was only a quid or so more than I’d paid the previous year, but the fact it was edging closer to a full £20 bothered me. Anyway, after about ten minutes of umming and ahhing and sighing sadly, I decided that £15.99 was slightly too much to pay for a diary, even if it did have wise words from women writers on every page.


But all was not lost, just this morning my lovely mother was like ‘so Katie, what would you like for Christmas?’ Obviously I immediately blurted ‘MSLEXIA 2015 DIARY PLEASE!’ So I’m happily sorted, and will be able to access women writers words of wisdom and the menstrual cycle calendar after all.

*The diary has many excellent features, for instance, the 2014 edition has a handy, silky page marker and an elastic to keep all your excess pages strapped down tightly. A creativity diary, manuscript layout page, listings of competitions, festivals and awards, a submissions diary, monthly inspirations, an A-Z of essential resources, books lent and borrowed and an address book. Okay, so maybe I’m way off the mark and £15.99 isn’t bad after all.

How much would you hand over for a diary, and from what I’ve mentioned about the Mslexia Writer’s Diary (or from your own experience) do you think it’s worth the price?


2 thoughts on “Tis The Season To … Get A New Diary

  1. I buy a new diary every year. I have been writing faithfully in one for about 10 years now (one for every year). And they are my most precious possessions. I spend about $20 on mine. Since i use it daily…and I even reread old ones- its worth the investment. You sound like you are a faithful writer- so I would think it is a worthy investment<3


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